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How to get to Toyoura Ocean House

Toyoura Ocean Houseへのアクセス。


国道37号で豊浦町にはいり、セイコーマートから長万部方面50mの側道から踏切を渡り、すぐに左折すると右手にあります。Take Route 37 into Toyoura Town, cross the railroad crossing from Seicomart (convenience store)on the side road 50m toward Oshamanbe, and immediately turn left, and you will find it on your right.


JR室蘭本線の特急で洞爺駅下車。乗り換えて豊浦駅。駅から徒歩12分800m。予定がわかれば洞爺駅までお迎えにあがります。Take the JR Muroran Line express to Toya Station. Change trains at Toyoura Station. It is a 12-minute walk from the station, 800m.We could pick you up at Toya Station by car.

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